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Drumming the Jazz Scene

The new vinyl edition of Trapeze, 40 years after its first release, brings drummer Noel McGhie back under the spot light and to the studio. The 71 year-old Jamaican musician, who played with the greatest jazzmen, beats again the drum of the 1970s’ Parisian Free jazz scene. Like a trapeze artist, Noel McGhie has always walked the line between different … Continue reading

Korean rap wave sweeps foreign shores
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Korean rap wave sweeps foreign shores

The Korean-American rapper Okasian began on November 17th and 18th his first European tour. He evokes his future plans with the mainstream South Korean scene and the different appreciations of trap music genre across the world, causing him to experience most of his success outside South Korea.  The Currency Exchange Tour #1 marks the beginning of … Continue reading

The battle of The Alamo, in a John Wayne production
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The battle of The Alamo, in a John Wayne production

    In The Alamo (1960), his only film as director, John Wayne wanted to show how a famous group of men fought heroically against the Mexican authorities to achieve Texas independence.  The movie presents the opposition of two distinct armies with, on the one hand, Davy Crockett, Colonel Travis, Jim Bowie and their men, … Continue reading

<i>The Big Country</i> (1958): A movie worth (re-) discovering
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The Big Country (1958): A movie worth (re-) discovering

Better known for his multi Academy Awards winning epic movie Ben Hur, William Wyler also directed one of the most memorable Westerns of all time. Despite its somehow dissuasive length, The Big Country has established itself as a classic along the years. In William Wyler’s legendary 1958 film The Big Country, Gregory Peck plays James … Continue reading

Tarantino unchains the taboo of slavery
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Tarantino unchains the taboo of slavery

In his movie Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino explores 19th-century America and tackles the sensitive subject of slavery with a singularity that revives the Western genre. Carried by a dream cast, this story of love, revenge and violence is already one of Tarantino’s masterpieces. Riding across Texas on his horse-drawn carriage, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) … Continue reading