The telephone through popular Music
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The telephone through popular Music

“Video killed the radio stars” sang the Buggles. When popular music and media meet, radio and television are the most recuring themes tackled. Frank Zappa, for example, denounced television and radio’s control of the American spirit with two angry songs “Trouble Everyday”1 & “I’m the slime”2. The telephone, however, has a completely different function in … Continue reading

<i>Vera Cruz</i>: A turning point in the western genre.
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Vera Cruz: A turning point in the western genre.

Released in 1954, this richly visual independent film marked a departure from the classic westerns. It displayed a new vision of the traditional heroes of the genre by developing issues that had never been highlighted before. In 1866, hardly a year after the Confederates were defeated by the Union, the situation continues to deteriorate in … Continue reading