<i>The Big Country</i> (1958): A movie worth (re-) discovering
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The Big Country (1958): A movie worth (re-) discovering

Better known for his multi Academy Awards winning epic movie Ben Hur, William Wyler also directed one of the most memorable Westerns of all time. Despite its somehow dissuasive length, The Big Country has established itself as a classic along the years. In William Wyler’s legendary 1958 film The Big Country, Gregory Peck plays James … Continue reading

Minority Theaters: Beyond and Within
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Minority Theaters: Beyond and Within

Minority theaters have a specific mission: serving an audience and thus specific communities. The African American Shakespeare Theater and the Rhino Theater are two examples of how they choose to define their own sense of community through their online communication. Two Communities: LGBT and African-American Both theaters aim at specifically serving their target communities. For the … Continue reading