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Sama Abdulhadi: “I have a track inspired from the Gaza War”

Growing up in an unpeaceful atmosphere doesn’t prevent talent from  blooming , it creates a distinguished inspiration. When searching for Palestinian techno music, Sama Abdulhadi’s name comes first. Being a female Arab artist from an under war country is what gives its  specificity to her career.    Sama or “Skywalker”is a well known Dj in Ramallah. Everybody knows … Continue reading

Glass/Machine: Listening to the Technology of Philip Glass
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Glass/Machine: Listening to the Technology of Philip Glass

A pioneer of contemporary American music, Philip Glass is best known for his highly repetitive compositions. But behind their minimalist façade, Glass’s work hides an unsung influence—that of certain twentieth-century technologies. Philip Glass seated at his electric organ in the 1970s © Steve Pyke He celebrated his eightieth birthday this past January, but his work isn’t … Continue reading

Le Festival <i>Chéries-Chéris</i>,  une arme contre l’hétéronormativité
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Le Festival Chéries-Chéris, une arme contre l’hétéronormativité

Brandissant son festival de cinéma comme une arme militante contre l’hégémonie hétérocentrée, le président de Chéries-Chéris, Cyril Legann, cherche à fédérer les LGBTQ+ de Paris. Il leur offre une programmation aussi diversifiée qu’ils et elles le sont. Depuis sa naissance, le cinéma est une arme ; l’incarnation technologique de « la puissance meurtrière des images »[1], dont parle … Continue reading

Ex Anima, Bartabas lâche les chevaux
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Ex Anima, Bartabas lâche les chevaux

Vendredi soir, 19:30, rendez vous au Fort d’Aubervilliers, fief du théâtre équestre Zingaro depuis 1989. Les portes s’ouvrent sur la dernière – peut-être ultime – création de l’artiste français. Comme un rituel, le public se retrouve, se découvre sous le chapiteau du restaurant. Année après année, le décor s’enrichit, se construit sur les souvenirs des … Continue reading

<i>Välkommen</i> to Sweden in Paris
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Välkommen to Sweden in Paris

  Since 1971, the Swedish Institute has tried to promote Scandinavian culture to a Parisian and French audience. Through events and exhibitions, the institution offers an inventive and unique perspective on the Swedish society usually associated with a minimalist lifestyle and refined design.          In early October, the sun was shining in … Continue reading

Green Architecture: Catherine Kirk, a Gardener in the Concrete Jungle
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Green Architecture: Catherine Kirk, a Gardener in the Concrete Jungle

Climate change conferences and environmental issues are at the heart of our preoccupations. Sustainable buildings and green labels are the architect’s contribution to the green revolution. As a young professional, Catherine Kirk brought her engineering skills -acquired in England- and added it to the French artistic and creative touch to serve Nature through the development of … Continue reading