William Lounsbury, the New Face of Photojournalism
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William Lounsbury, the New Face of Photojournalism

Currently working on a project linked to the first safe drug-consumption place which opened on October 14 in Paris, the young American photojournalist gives a portrayal of his occupation. From an analog camera to an iPhone and from the United States, to Paris, and Europe, he changed tools and places, but remained truthful to the ethical foundations … Continue reading

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“59 Rivoli”: Accessing Art in the Making

Located in the very heart of Paris, the “59 Rivoli” represents a new, modern, and alternative access to art for the public. James Purpura, a resident of the “squart” with peripheral views and position, unveils the strong relation he has built up with a place that has become a figurehead of cultural alternatives to museums and galleries. Birth of … Continue reading

Dreadlox Holmes, Magnifying Paris Golden Music Opportunities
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Dreadlox Holmes, Magnifying Paris Golden Music Opportunities

We hung out with Dreadlox Holmes, the British multi-faceted Black musician who chose Paris as his new playground. For him, Paris is not just a better scene for Black musicians, it’s also a more financially viable one where he can help young singers shine. Steve Wellington aka Dreadlox Holmes’ musical background is impressive. His influences … Continue reading

Let’s beat the drum for <i>Whiplash</i>!
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Let’s beat the drum for Whiplash!

Watching Whiplash is like being at a jazz concert, the musicians are truly involved, and the soundtrack reveals jazz standards which are enhanced by both the quality of the interpretation and the cinematography. Andrew Nieman (Miles Teller), a 19-year-old talented drummer, wants to be the best jazz drummer in the world. At Shaffer Conservatory of Music, the … Continue reading

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Drumming the Jazz Scene

The new vinyl edition of Trapeze, 40 years after its first release, brings drummer Noel McGhie back under the spot light and to the studio. The 71 year-old Jamaican musician, who played with the greatest jazzmen, beats again the drum of the 1970s’ Parisian Free jazz scene. Like a trapeze artist, Noel McGhie has always walked the line between different … Continue reading