Let’s beat the drum for <i>Whiplash</i>!
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Let’s beat the drum for Whiplash!

Watching Whiplash is like being at a jazz concert, the musicians are truly involved, and the soundtrack reveals jazz standards which are enhanced by both the quality of the interpretation and the cinematography. Andrew Nieman (Miles Teller), a 19-year-old talented drummer, wants to be the best jazz drummer in the world. At Shaffer Conservatory of Music, the … Continue reading

With <i>Enchanted</i> (2007), director Kevin Lima gives Disney a real-life princess.

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With Enchanted (2007), director Kevin Lima gives Disney a real-life princess.

Disney has given us princess stories since 1937 starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but this time the studio also makes fun of its previous fairy tales with jokes and clichés in a film that is far from being a masterpiece. Once upon a time, a beautiful princess called Giselle found her prince … Continue reading

<i>Girl, Interrupted</i>, a powerful yet predictable movie
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Girl, Interrupted, a powerful yet predictable movie

   Girl, Interrupted (1999) is a surprisingly optimistic and touching psychological thriller. Adapted from the memoir of Susanna Kaysen, it deals with mental illness in the America of the 1960s, against a backdrop of war and shifting society.     Eighteen-year-old wannabe writer Susanna Kaysen (Winona Ryder) is committed to a mental institution after tentatively … Continue reading

The battle of The Alamo, in a John Wayne production
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The battle of The Alamo, in a John Wayne production

    In The Alamo (1960), his only film as director, John Wayne wanted to show how a famous group of men fought heroically against the Mexican authorities to achieve Texas independence.  The movie presents the opposition of two distinct armies with, on the one hand, Davy Crockett, Colonel Travis, Jim Bowie and their men, … Continue reading

<i>The Hanging Tree</i> (1959): “To really live, you must almost die”
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The Hanging Tree (1959): “To really live, you must almost die”

In Delmer Daves’s The Hanging Tree, one of his last movies before his death in 1961, Gary Cooper is a natural in his tall, dark and brooding glory: the hero that is not so much a hero, rescuing the damsel-in-distress who, it turns out, is perhaps not really the one in distress. The Hanging Tree … Continue reading

John Ford’s <i>Rio Grande</i>: good (or bad?) things always come in threes…
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John Ford’s Rio Grande: good (or bad?) things always come in threes…

Released in 1950, Rio Grande is the third movie of legendary director John Ford’s so-called “cavalry trilogy”. Based on a story published in the Saturday Evening Post “Mission With No Record” (1947) by James Warner Bellah, the movie is the first to cast the famous on-screen couple John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. After the American … Continue reading