<i>City Slickers</i>: The Urban Bunch
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City Slickers: The Urban Bunch

More than just another cheap parody of Western movies, Ron Underwood’s City Slickers is actually a subtle tribute to the genre combined with a classic Hollywood tale about regaining control of one’s life. Three friends go on a Western-themed trip in order to forget their troubles at home. Ed (Bruno Kirby) has always been afraid … Continue reading

Penn reinvents the Western with <i>The Left-Handed Gun</i>
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Penn reinvents the Western with The Left-Handed Gun

  The Left-Handed Gun (1958) is a powerful, disturbing and unconventional Western, nowadays a classic of the genre, led by the impressive Paul Newman embodying one of the most famous outlaws of the American West. In New Mexico, a young man, William Bonney, is taken in and employed by a rich farmer. When the latter … Continue reading

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Battlefield, une morale pour les vivants

Du 15 Septembre au 17 octobre, Peter Brook présentait sur la scène du théâtre des Bouffes du Nord l’une de ses plus belles pièces. Une nouvelle adaptation de l’ancienne épopée indienne, Mahabharata. Elle raconte l’histoire de l’humanité. L’histoire se penche sur une grande famille, les Bharata. D’un côté se trouvent les cinq frères (les Pandavas), … Continue reading