Male models: the new icons?

The life of a model is comparable to a celebrity routine. Being reproduced, broadcasted and used for industrial process, a model’s image is as far exposed and uncontrollable as a star’s is. Today, models tend to represent the cannons of our society. Yet, models have not the same recognition as stars, especially when models are men. A well paid job? Paul*— a young man working as a … Continue reading Male models: the new icons?

Fashion Blogs: the Success Story

Garance Doré. Punky B. Pandora. You may not have heard of them, but they are the fashion stars of the Internet. In the space of only five years, the number of fashion blogs has increased dramatically and they now compete with women’s magazines for the attention of consumers and designers. Their growing influence has enabled them to alter the way the fashion industry works. As … Continue reading Fashion Blogs: the Success Story