Let’s beat the drum for <i>Whiplash</i>!
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Let’s beat the drum for Whiplash!

Watching Whiplash is like being at a jazz concert, the musicians are truly involved, and the soundtrack reveals jazz standards which are enhanced by both the quality of the interpretation and the cinematography. Andrew Nieman (Miles Teller), a 19-year-old talented drummer, wants to be the best jazz drummer in the world. At Shaffer Conservatory of Music, the … Continue reading

Joe Wright’s <i> Pride & Prejudice </i>  (2005), a modern film adaptation of a literary classic
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Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice (2005), a modern film adaptation of a literary classic

    After at least ten film and television adaptations of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, notably the renowned series of 1995, Joe Wright managed to revive interest with a successful modern remake.     In the English countryside, Mrs. Bennet dreams of marrying her five daughters. When two  single young men, Mr. Bingley and his … Continue reading

<i>Gone Girl</i>, a story of suffering inside a couple
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Gone Girl, a story of suffering inside a couple

Gone Girl (2014), probably David Fincher’s best movie since Seven (1995) and The Social Network (2010), portrays a young married couple, Nick and Amy Dunn, who look perfectly happy until Amy suddenly disappears one day. Quickly, Nick becomes the main suspect. Through flash-backs, the encounter between Amy (Rosamund Pike) and Nick (Ben Affleck) is shown … Continue reading

Tom McCarthy’s <i>Spotlight</i> (2015), “Everybody’s gonna be interested in this”
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Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight (2015), “Everybody’s gonna be interested in this”

Based on a true story, Spotlight depicts the work of four journalists from The Boston Globe (and winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism in 2003) who, in 2001, investigated on the cases of sexual abuses in the Boston archdiocese that shook the Catholic Church and shocked the entire world in 2002. After a short … Continue reading