<i>Her</i> (2013): A Dissection of Love in the Modern Age
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Her (2013): A Dissection of Love in the Modern Age

Her is a touching romance drama that tells the story of Theodore Twombly who struggles to cope with life after a painful divorce and finds love in his Operating System called Samantha. The film explores the themes of the complexity of love shared among human and artificial beings. Set in a futuristic version of Los … Continue reading

Lilacs by Kate Chopin

Lilacs by Kate Chopin

“Lilacs” tells the story of a woman called Adrienne Farival who compulsively comes back in the convent where she has spent her childhood, every time she smells the scent of lilacs. While everybody welcomes her, especially Sister Agathe, the Mother Superior of the convent has a completely different reaction toward Adrienne. She is distant and … Continue reading