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The Theatre Corps: communities of volunteers

Volunteering is a key concept for American theatres and a perk for all the parts involved.  The theatres’ sizes and the importance they attach to their volunteers lead to different notions of community.   Volunteering plays an important part in theatre. San Francisco Bay Area theaters  like Golden Thread Productions, Shotgun Players, the African-American Shakespeare Company, … Continue reading

Celebrity photojournalists: an endangered species?
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Celebrity photojournalists: an endangered species?

Willy Rizzo, Pierre Terrasson, Jean-Marie Périer on the one hand. The Rolling Stones, Marilyn Monroe, The Cure, on the other hand. Everyone knows the latter and can easily represent them, very few people know the first ones. Close to the celebrities, those journalists contributed to their discovery and stardom… through lenses. More than simple photo shoots, … Continue reading