The battle of The Alamo, in a John Wayne production
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The battle of The Alamo, in a John Wayne production

    In The Alamo (1960), his only film as director, John Wayne wanted to show how a famous group of men fought heroically against the Mexican authorities to achieve Texas independence.  The movie presents the opposition of two distinct armies with, on the one hand, Davy Crockett, Colonel Travis, Jim Bowie and their men, … Continue reading

John Ford’s <i>Rio Grande</i>: good (or bad?) things always come in threes…
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John Ford’s Rio Grande: good (or bad?) things always come in threes…

Released in 1950, Rio Grande is the third movie of legendary director John Ford’s so-called “cavalry trilogy”. Based on a story published in the Saturday Evening Post “Mission With No Record” (1947) by James Warner Bellah, the movie is the first to cast the famous on-screen couple John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. After the American … Continue reading

<i>City Slickers</i>: The Urban Bunch
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City Slickers: The Urban Bunch

More than just another cheap parody of Western movies, Ron Underwood’s City Slickers is actually a subtle tribute to the genre combined with a classic Hollywood tale about regaining control of one’s life. Three friends go on a Western-themed trip in order to forget their troubles at home. Ed (Bruno Kirby) has always been afraid … Continue reading

Penn reinvents the Western with <i>The Left-Handed Gun</i>
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Penn reinvents the Western with The Left-Handed Gun

  The Left-Handed Gun (1958) is a powerful, disturbing and unconventional Western, nowadays a classic of the genre, led by the impressive Paul Newman embodying one of the most famous outlaws of the American West. In New Mexico, a young man, William Bonney, is taken in and employed by a rich farmer. When the latter … Continue reading

<i>The Horse Soldiers</i>, John Ford’s Civil War western
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The Horse Soldiers, John Ford’s Civil War western

In 1959, John Ford directed the only movie about the Civil War of his career. In spite of some lengthy parts, this aesthetically pleasing film is played by great actors and offers an interesting philosophical vision of war and violence (topical themes more newsworthy than ever…unfortunately).   Movie poster showing John Wayne and William Holden … Continue reading

<i>Escape From Fort Bravo</i>, the easy way out
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Escape From Fort Bravo, the easy way out

Union soldiers and Confederate prisoners from Fort Bravo, Arizona must fight side by side against their enemies, the Mescalero Indians. But their fratricidal war is too conveniently forgotten in this monotonous classic western. In 1953, John Sturges was getting closer to the success of The Great Escape (1963) with his first major Western movie: Escape … Continue reading