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“59 Rivoli”: Accessing Art in the Making

Located in the very heart of Paris, the “59 Rivoli” represents a new, modern, and alternative access to art for the public. James Purpura, a resident of the “squart” with peripheral views and position, unveils the strong relation he has built up with a place that has become a figurehead of cultural alternatives to museums and galleries. Birth of … Continue reading

With <i>Fort Apache</i>, John Ford offers a patriotic and questioning western
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With Fort Apache, John Ford offers a patriotic and questioning western

Fort Apache (1948) is a very solemn classic western by John Ford, intertwining the barbarity shown in the huge battles between the U.S. cavalry and Indians with the subtle delicacy of love stories and romance.  Taking place in the magnificent atmosphere of Monument Valley, Fort Apache is the first movie of the “Cavalry Trilogy” — … Continue reading

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Writing Oneself Out of the Stage

Though they write the texts of most shows put up in theaters today, living playwrights are barely present on theater websites. To make for this small part and the gender gap in productions, these professionals rely on a strong occupational community made of different organizations. Philip Kan Gotanda, Sean San José, Andrew P. Saito, Jason … Continue reading