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Sama Abdulhadi: “I have a track inspired from the Gaza War”

Growing up in an unpeaceful atmosphere doesn’t prevent talent from  blooming , it creates a distinguished inspiration. When searching for Palestinian techno music, Sama Abdulhadi’s name comes first. Being a female Arab artist from an under war country is what gives its  specificity to her career.    Sama or “Skywalker”is a well known Dj in Ramallah. Everybody knows … Continue reading

From Graham to Maggie Boogaart
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From Graham to Maggie Boogaart

Knowing, understanding, and mastering your body’s movements will liberate your creative potential. These are the fundamental principles of contemporary-dance groundbreaker Martha Graham. At the Paris Marais Dance School, Maggie Boogaart, one of the few certified teachers in the Martha Graham Technique, preaches and practices all of them.  A tall and thin woman with a sophisticated … Continue reading

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Drumming the Jazz Scene

The new vinyl edition of Trapeze, 40 years after its first release, brings drummer Noel McGhie back under the spot light and to the studio. The 71 year-old Jamaican musician, who played with the greatest jazzmen, beats again the drum of the 1970s’ Parisian Free jazz scene. Like a trapeze artist, Noel McGhie has always walked the line between different … Continue reading

Erasmus +: what you need to know
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Erasmus +: what you need to know

Everyone has heard of the Erasmus programme, however not many people know about the changes that took place a year ago as a result of the 40% increase in the budget allocated by the EU. By Enora Davodeau, Clément Labeca and Thomas Vedovelli In 2014, the European student exchange program was modified to allow more students to experience … Continue reading