Behind the Scenes of Television Productions with Vincent Brügel
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Behind the Scenes of Television Productions with Vincent Brügel

Documentaries and reality television shows both claim to present the truth. But their productions are similar to the famous Vegas motto, indeed, what happens behind the scenes stays behind the scenes. Let’s zoom in and take a sneak peak into what it is like to work for the real.  Ever wandered how your favorite shows … Continue reading

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“The Slap” TV Series: Being Greek Australian Today

The 2011-released hit TV series The Slap opens on 40-year-old Hector who is going through what looks like a midlife crisis. Hector also has a cousin named Harry. Together, they embody the successful second-generation Greek Australian community living in Melbourne, VIC. The Network Released in 2011, The Slap TV series was brilliantly and faithfully inspired … Continue reading

<i>Malcolm in the Middle</i>: Malcolm and the Self-quest

Malcolm in the Middle: Malcolm and the Self-quest

 Malcolm in The Middle stars Frankie Muniz in the head role of Malcolm, a gifted teenager who is in constant conflict with himself and with the others. Despite, the familial and the friendly love, conflicts are omnipresent around Malcolm  The  main character and the credits illustrate the American philosophy of self-quest ,through self-questioning, extra and … Continue reading