Male models: the new icons?

The life of a model is comparable to a celebrity routine. Being reproduced, broadcasted and used for industrial process, a model’s image is as far exposed and uncontrollable as a star’s is. Today, models tend to represent the cannons of our society. Yet, models have not the same recognition as stars, especially when models are men. A well paid job? Paul*— a young man working as a … Continue reading Male models: the new icons?

Californication - Hank Moody

Californication: when writing rocks

Being a writer has never been so exciting than in Californication. Sex, books and rock’n’roll is Hank Moody’s motto. The main character of the series Californication created by Tom Kapinos, Hank Moody (David Duchovny), is a novelist, but not the common type. Witty and not so bad looking, Hank lives in the Venice district of Los Angeles, living out a rock ‘n’ roll version of the … Continue reading Californication: when writing rocks

The "Beatlemania", Hysterics fans of the Beatles

Hysterics, you said ?

Everyone has in mind those images of young women fainting, yelling, screaming and gesticulating when the 1960s English band The Beatles arrived on scene to perform. Before this craze was dubbed the “Beatlemania”, those young women were called “hysterics”. The 19th century term is now commonly used not only to describe women such as The Beatles’ yelling and screaming fans, but as a simple synonym … Continue reading Hysterics, you said ?

Rick Perry: a Texan running in the 2012 campaign

Always smiling and concerned about his citizens, this could be the first thought that comes into one’s mind when looking at Rick Perry during his presidential election campaign. Of course, this statement is mostly true for all candidates. They first appear as your best friend, but as time passes, you realize they could become your worst enemy. Let’s focus first on Rick Perry’s life with … Continue reading Rick Perry: a Texan running in the 2012 campaign